Why and where to buy great solar panels in Dubai?

Why and where to buy great solar panels in Dubai?

Since so many people are interested to buy, bungalows and apartments for sale in City walk Dubai, it is safe to assume that a great number of people are wanting to make their home in this city of gold. However, with so many people coming to reside here, smart living solutions should be preferred and what could be a smarter living facility than solar panels in a city of eternal sunshine?

If you are tired of Dubai’s heat beating you down, now is the time to make the most of it. By opting for solar electricity, not only you would be reducing your utility but also doing your part in saving the earth’s energy.

If you are new in Dubai and wondering how to get the solar panels installed at your home, this blog offers a brief guide. So keep reading!

The ins and outs of solar panel system

Nature is fraught with a number of different elements and some of them can generate electricity when sunshine strikes on them. By putting such materials inside anything one can produce electric energy from the energy in the sun. The excess generated electricity can be stored in a battery for later use. With that being said, if you have a huge wide roof, buying a solar panel could be much cheaper for you.

Although solar panels are usually placed over the rooftop where they can easily catch the sunlight, ironically they are likely to get damaged when they get warmer.

There are some panels with better heat tolerance than others, therefore while you are shopping for solar panels, choose the ones that have better heat tolerance.

In addition to good solar panels, you also need to get the right installation. Solar panels should be installed in a manner that can permit air to circulate underneath the solar panels. In this way, the panels catch the solar energy without getting too hot.

More points worth to consider

Besides, cutting your electric bill and saving energy, solar panels also benefits you by providing incredible longevity. On average a good solar panel last with you for nearly 25 years. However, the inverter that comes along is not as durable. So, while shopping for solar panels, you should do your calculations and make yourself prepared to spend a large sum of money amidst the process.

Where to buy solar panels from?

After being financial and mentally prepared to purchase solar panels, the question that naturally comes to your mind is,” Where to get solar panels in Dubai?”. So here is a list

Microsol International

This is one of the top companies in Dubai that sell solar panels at a competitive price. Besides, giving you a feel-good factor, this company can be completely relied upon. That is because this company is certified by 9001-2000. Each solar cell by this company is also internationally certified by the German certification body.

Since this company just offers installation and consultation services at the moment, by opting for them you would need to find another party for servicing and maintenance.

Empire Solar Industries

This is one of the renowned private companies, which has a popular sister company in America and South Africa. This company offers a wide range of products including, solar water heaters, solar panels and energy storage batteries and even some individual system components.

Since Dubai is unusually hot almost all through the year, Empire Solar Industries test each of their product for the harsh climate to ensure longevity.

Hollandia Solar

This another reliable supplier that offers popular solar solutions and other renewable energy products. Hollandia Solar is a well-established brand that takes pride in have its presence in around 10 countries. The professional team of the company includes skilled professionals like technicians, system designers and electrical engineers.

Since the goal of this wonderful is to provide absolute customer satisfaction, they are always there for you to provide after-sales services and you would also find them spare at most times. Furthermore, this company has also invested greatly in quick delivery and replacement services.

Dubai is one the biggest supporters of green living, therefore besides these tops 3 solar panel companies in Dubai, you would find many others.

Since this is city is filled with opportunities for everyone, you too should try your luck and get a off plan property in Dubai.